HOWTO: Submit A Help Ticket To Twitter

UPDATE (January 25, 2010): I’ve noticed @delbius using the shortened link to forward enquirers to Twitter’s ticket page. It re-routes through to the Zendesk-powered link as below, but it’s worth memorising for convenience and on the off-chance that the link within changes in the future.

UPDATE (October 20, 2009): The support ticket page is back up, and can be accessed from Twitter’s help area (as before, down the page) or directly here.


UPDATE: The link to issue a new ticket is still on the help page – it’s been moved about halfway down, encouraging the visitor to read all the text above it before submitting the ticket.

This makes some sense, and my hand goes straight up here that I made an error. But the link is so small and slight that it’s almost unnoticeable, and certainly for regular visitors to the help portals, the facility to issue a new help ticket does appear to be missing, used as we are to seeing it next to the ‘Check Your Existing Requests’ link, which is quite logical.

I accept that Twitter wants people to learn more about their help resources before submitting a ticket, but it made sense to do this on the new ticket page itself, and the link to this should still be on the menu bar in my opinion.


I’m not sure if this is a gaff on Twitter’s part, whether they’re currently upgrading the system or what – but the link that previously allowed users to submit a help ticket to Twitter via their support page has been removed.

What’s strange is you can still view ‘existing requests’.

And you can still reach the submit page manually, via this link, which I found via Google.

Additionally, all the help resources are still working in the forums, such as known issues on the network.

Twitter’s ticket system is powered by Zendesk, and this may be an issue on their end. If not, and Twitter is currently upgrading the ticket request feature, then fine – although as per usual this hasn’t been mention on Twitter’s status page, although they were doing maintenance on the help site overnight, which makes me think it might be a glitch.

Otherwise, if this is a permanent change, then Houston, we have a real problem. As it is, Twitter isn’t the most responsive organisation to technical issues and help requests – tickets submitted to the help portal often took weeks and months to be resolved. Equally, sending messages to @Twitter is a hit and miss affair. I’ve never had a response from that account, despite multiple enquiries.

I’ve contacted @Crystal, who heads Twitter’s support team, and will report back with any updates.

I’ve also submitted a help ticket. Via Google.