Help Needed On Book Project

In 1978, Stephen Hess surveyed 450 journalists for his book, “The Washington Reporters” (Brookings Press, 1981). Now he wants to find them for a study of journalism career patterns. If you know the whereabouts of any of the journalists listed below, please email Hess at

Click below for the names.

Washington Journalists – Unable to Locate:

Anderson, Helen (Texas Newspapers regional)

Baron, Stephen M. (Providence Journal-Bulletin)

Bascom, John (Mutual Broadcasting System)

Barton, Salley R. (health weeklies)

Blake, Michael H. Jr. (Bureau of National Affairs)

Bowne, Thomas M. (AP Radio)

Boyce, R.H. (Scripps Howard News Service)

Burns, K.M. (newsletter)

Burns, Robert (Mutual Radio)

Cameron, Juan (Fortune Magazine)

Christy, Jeffrey B. (FDC Reports, Blue Sheet)

Clayton, William (UPI)

Conover, Lynn (American Banker)

Conway, William (Commerce Clearinghouse)

Cunningham, Bob (Bergen Record)

Delaney, William (Washington Star)

Deschenes, Michelle (FDC Reports)

Dimond, Tom (Washington Star)

Dombrowski, Kathy (Business Publishers, Inc; Noise Control Report)

Eagle, Jacqueline (Telecommunications Reports)

Earle, G. (FDC Reports)

Edwards, Tom (FDC Reports)

Fox, Larry (Washington Post)

Garcia, David (ABC)

Gardner, Judy (US News & World Report)

Girard, Penny (LA Times)

Haberek, Judy (Business Publishers, Inc.)

Harris, Emily C. (Capitol Publications)

Hickman, William D. (McGraw Hill World News)

Hildreth, James (UPI)

Holmes, Peter (Columbus Dispatch)

Hoover, Don (Mutual Broadcasting System)

Hughes, Thomas H. (US News & World Report)

Jackson, Stuart (McGraw Hill)

Kaylor, Bob (UPI)

Kelly, Daniel (Prentice Hall Newsletter)

Kelso, David A. (Bureau of National Affairs)

King, Brian (AP)

King, Seth (NY Times)

Law, Lou (Mutual Black Network)

Lazor, Paula D. (Commerce Clearinghouse)

Lewis, Robert (Booth Newspapers)

Long, Steven (Fairchild Publications)

McClain, Wallace Jr. (Plus Publications)

Mochel, Patricia (Metromedia Radio)

Morison, Robert (Journal of Commerce)

Morris, James (a health weekly)

Neumann, Deanne E. (Bureau of National Affairs)

Parker, Rich (Donrey Newspapers)

Parkhurst, Stephen (Newhouse News Service)

Paulson, Martin (Changing Times Magazine)

Poe, Edgar (Science News)

Poole, Daniel (Washington Star)

Rabb, Charles (Ziff-Davis, Aviation)

Ramsey, (Ms.) McCain (Metromedia TV)

Reichmann, Jean (Bureau of National Affairs)

Robison, Marilyn (NBC Radio)

Rose, Julia (States News Service)

Rowe, James C. (Mutual Black Network)

Singer, James (National Journal)

Steele, Sally (regionals)

Strickland, Jean (Chilton Publications)

Taft, Dale R. (Kiplinger Washington Letter)

Thompson, Stephen (Kiplinger Washington Letter)

Tuthill, Mary (Booth Newspapers)

Wells, Betty (Knight Ridder/Wichita Eagle; Gary Post-Tribune)