Help Debbie Millman Interview Michael Bierut

Our good pal Debbie Millman dropped us a line late yesterday, letting us know about a fun side project she’s in the middle of that she thought you readers of our humble little site might enjoy. So we’ll shut up now and let her do the talking:

I will be interviewing Michael Bierut at the HOW Conference next week in Boston and he came up with an idea that I would like to undertake. He thought it might be fun to solicit questions from people *before* the interview via the design community blogs and I was wondering if you might be able to assist us by posting a “request for questions” on UnBeige.

I have interviewed Michael on Design Matters, and in my book (wherein he waxes sentimental about his passion for folding laundry), so the more inventive the questions, the better! (and the more personal!!!)

In the request, folks can send the questions to

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