Help’s Audience Through its Quarter-Life Crisis

AskMen-articleThe male 20-somethings that visit are trying to figure out their lives, and the site is there to help them answer a lot of questions on their journey.

“We’ve got a fairly even split between single and married guys, but most of them are in some sort of transitional state,” said [publisher and editor-in-chief James] Bassil, referring to changes in careers or relationships, among others. The common factor is these men tend to be engaged with shaping and re-shaping their lives. They’re often looking for new perspectives and are open to a wide range of topics.

For freelancers, whom the magazine relies on for a whopping 80 percent of content, this means an open laboratory of topics and ideas to experiment with. The 15-year-old site is particularly eager for stories that deliver career and personal finance advice, cover the latest technologies and developments in health or identify emerging trends and brands in fashion. It’s not a bad idea to think #slatepitch when emailing the site, as Bassil appreciates counterintuitive takes that bring something new to readers.

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