Heller Good! Prolific or Couch Potato? You Be the Judge


Day four of Steven Heller Week brings a bit of appreciation and revelry from outside the design world. And also, some lies. Like this interview on Gothamist, where Heller claims that he’s not prolific, and what’s more, some days, he’s just a lazy sack of Court TV-watching bones:

How are you so prolific?
Aren’t you prolific?

Not like you.
I’m not like Philip Roth. He writes X number of pages per day. There are some days that I don’t do much of anything except watch television.

Can you imagine? Steven Heller? Getting up at 4:30am just to watch the “Today Show”? We think not.

Over at the NY Times Book Review blog, Paper Cuts, more praise is heaped upon Heller and his exhibition:

It’s a funny, sprawling retrospective that includes more than 100 of his Book Review covers (and, of course, some of his Screw covers), many of them displayed at a full-scale replica of a New York City newsstand.

More shots from that exhibition, designed by Kevin O’Callaghan, below. If you missed our coverage of Tuesday’s event at SVA, enjoy 10 facts and Heller’s head. Then, raise your voices, throw open your old copies of Screw and rejoice! There is more day of Heller to come!