Helen Mirren Has a Message for Female Journalists

Actress sat down with Tina Brown during this week's 2015 Women in the World Summit.

Stop bringing up plastic surgery!

Per Glamour articles editor Emily Mahaney, during a conversation Thursday at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit, the 2015 Tony Award contender revisited her famous exchange in the 1970s with British TV interviewer Michael Parkinson, who asked her right off the top about whether her “physical attributes” were hindering her pursuit of serious acting.

Brown complimented Mirren on how well she handled Parkinson’s line of questioning, while Mirren recalled how nervous she was prior to her first big TV interview appearance. Mirren then jumped forward to a related problem she faces today:

While times have changed, Mirren pointed out that today you still get a version of that type of sexism. “The worst version of that, honestly,” she says, “is often being interviewed by female journalists who insist on going on and on about plastic surgery.”

Breasts, boob jobs — journalists, we can do better with our questions.

Here’s a recent example of what Mirren was talking about.