Heil Gets Served and Grilled

More than twenty media types gathered last night at LOOK to eat a course (or three) and raise a glass (or twelve) to Emily Heil’s gig as the new half of WaPo’s “Reliable Source” column.

Neither Amy Argetsinger, who is vacating the column, nor Reliable’s Roxanne Roberts were in attendance but dinner host Janet Donovan still managed to pull together an impressive and multi-generational roster of Washington gossip columnists and journos.  Among those in attendance were Annie Groer, radio hosts Bill Press and John McCaslin, Politico’s Patrick Gavin and wife Anne, Whispers columnist Nikki Schwab, USA Today’s Sue Davis, CNN’s Matt Dornic, NJ’s Ben Terris, K Street Kate Michael, Mary Bird, Washington Life’s Kevin Chaffee, The Hill‘s Emily Goodin, Roll Call‘s Warren Rojas, and LOOK owner Michael Kosmides.

The on-the-record event, dubbed “Dine and Dish” was unlike any other this blogger has attended.  While noshing on a menu that included Caesar salads, veal ravioli and chocolate lava cake (we also ate Kate’s tiramisu), guests took turns passing a microphone around an enormous rectangular table.  The diner holding the mic was then offered the opportunity to either ask the guest of honor a question, or provide Heil with some sage advice.

A few things we learned: many of Annie Groer’s best sources included cater waiters, valets, and real estate agents. Additionally, Groer recommended Heil’s column expiration date to be November 2016 (three years).  Heil, Dornic and Groer all support “blind items.” Patrick Gavin thinks Ben Terris looks a hell of a lot like Alex Pareene.  Bill Press’s wife weaves scarves.  Michael Kosmides has a man crush on Piers Morgan.

We also bonded with Warren Rojas over our mutual love of sensible pant suits. Interestingly Janet Donovan actually owns the URL sassysmokingpantsuit.com. We’re considering buying it off her….The URL, of course!