Heidi Klum Gets Reported ‘Seven-Figure’ Content Deal With AOL

Hey, all you AOL journos who were laid off a couple of months ago. Wanna know where your salaries went? If you said in Arianna Huffington’s pocket, you may be partially right. But another media titan just peeled off a nice chunk too. Supermodel and Project Runway star Heidi Klum just signed a content deal with AOL worth an alleged “seven-figures,” not to mention bonus incentives which will allow her to reap up to 50% of the ad revenue generated from her efforts.

Klum will offer fashion, lifestyle and parenting advice for AOL. “The more I’ve become public,” she tells AdAge, “the more questions I would get. What is the best shampoo? What is the best comb? Why not have a place where people can speak to the horse’s mouth? They can speak to my experts.”

Her “experts” include her children’s art teacher.

For now it doesn’t look like Klum won’t be doing any writing–just videos. So at least AOL was smart enough to try to get its money’s worth in that regard.

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