Heavy.com Offering Crash Pilot

The irreverent, male-skewing Heavy.com has begun offering the pilot episode of the upcoming Starz drama Crash a full 24 hours prior to its TV premiere.

Crash, which premieres on Starz Friday Oct. 17, is derived from the identically-titled 2005 movie which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Starting Oct. 16, Heavy.com began streaming both preview clips as well as the full length first episode of the show, which stars Dennis Hopper.

Starz is following in the footsteps of several TV networks, who over the past few years have attempted to use the Web to drum up interest in a new series–and in the case of Starz, potentially drive new subscriptions to the pay cable network. In the past, networks ranging from Showtime (Fat Actress) to the CW (Jack and Jill) have streamed pilots ahead of their TV debuts, thought the practice has largely fallen out of favor of late.