“Heated Words”

A tipster tells us (in regards to this):

    “move to the a1 ame slot for dutt was sped up because of f-word out burst during staff meeting.”

So what exactly does that mean? Well, we can’t say for sure, but we have heard this:

There were some “heated words” exchanged between Dutt and Steve Pearlstein recently during what was described as a “ordinary cubicle-land spat” over Dutt’s vision of the paper’s future. One source says that, during the conversation, Pearlstein’s tone was accusatory and Dutt’s was defensive…never a good mix.

We didn’t hear that f-words were dropped, but another tipster thinks that might have happened:

    “Tension at WAPO erupted at biz staff meeting last week when a question about management from staff sent editor in to a sputtering f-word rampage.”