Hearst Newspapers President Plans to Bolster New Haven Register Editorial Staff

Paper is the crown jewel of recent acquisition deal

Here’s something that is rarely reported online in the wake of a print newspaper deal like the one announced this week between Hearst and Digital First Media. The new ownership indicating it plans to hire journalists.

In an interview with the New Haven Independent, Hearst Newspapers president Mark E. Aldam stated that the idea is to boost local coverage to levels not seen in a decade:

“It is safe to say there are ten journalists that will be added” to the staff, Aldam said. “There’s a lot of work to be done. There are some communities that are under-served. Our customers are subscribing to the Register, and we’re not covering them as effectively as we should be.” (One reporter, Kate Ramunni, has been laid off; Aldam said Digital First made that decision before the sale to Hearst. On the business side, Hearst canned Register Publisher Kevin Corrado.) …

“We need to be more enterprising. We need to provide better coverage and deeper coverage of the state, the governor, mayors and Yale.”

New Haven Independent founder and editor in chief Paul Bass includes some good guesswork about the bargain-basement price paid by Hearst for the Register, founded in 1812. He also shares some detailed history of how the paper’s staff has heard similar promises from the two previous owners.

Hearst, with its acquisition of the Register, two other Connecticut dailies and eight area weeklies, now blankets the central and southern portions of the state. No more fitting a setting that to read further about the media consolidation angle than an initial report about the deal in sister-paper The Connecticut Post.

Image courtesy: Newseum