Heading To ONA? Still Time To Register For The Career Summit/Job Fair

Online journalists (and journalists who want to be online!) are probably headed to the Online News Association’s 2010 conference next month, in Washington D.C.

They want you to know there’s still time to register for the job fair, which is taking place Thursday, Oct. 28 for three hours in the afternoon.

According to the event’s online schedule, so far employers include the Washington Post, USA TODAY, NPR, Mashable, AOL, Patch, and more.

Paying the $50 fee ($25 for members, free for student members) seems steep for a job fair, but it also gets you into a morning of career-related panels, about current tech, building your brand, and navigating the media market.

Disclaimer: yours truly is speaking on one of the ONA panels, but that’s as far as my involvement goes—I certainly don’t get paid to increase attendance (I don’t even get paid to show up!), and it’s probably to my advantage to discourage you from coming (the fewer of you there are staring at me, the better I’ll speak – ha). But anyway, felt you oughta know.