Hay House Taps MotherVook To Produce Enhanced eBooks

The enhanced eBook publisher Vook announced today that Hay House, a self help publisher, will soon use MotherVook to make new enhanced ebooks based on the Hay House backlist.

“Hay House is excited to bring to market so many of its titles in an enhanced e-book format that will resonate with new audiences,” Hay House CEO Reid Tracy said. “Our readers will be inspired not just by our authors’ compelling stories, but also by the engaging videos we can feature.”

MotherVook is a new digital conversion platform that Vook used to create more than 150 of its own titles.  Vook is now opening the platform to other publishers, allowing them to scale enhanced e-book creation. MotherVook is also the head of a distribution chain that reaches into iTunes, iBookstore, Kindle Store, and the Android Market.