Haven’t Heard Back From an Employer? You’re Among 75 Percent of Jobseekers

Have you ever submitted your resume online only to never hear from the company? Or maybe you’ve been interviewing and haven’t heard about the status of your candidacy.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, approximately 75 percent of jobseekers who applied to jobs last year using a variety of sources didn’t end up hearing from the potential employer.

The survey also indicated when candidates have had a negative experience at a company, they’re less likely to pursue opportunities at the same company down the road.

This doesn’t even touch upon branding — maybe you’re a big fan of the retailer you want to do graphic design work for but alas, radio silence. Turns out, you may not shop at the establishment again. The numbers tell all: Almost one-third of workers in the survey indicated they would be less likely to buy products or services from the company.

Although 26 percent of respondents mentioned a bad experience as a job applicant whether it’s not hearing about the status of an application or interview, there are things job seekers can do to feel empowered.

First, just because you had a negative experience doesn’t mean the next one will also be bad. The survey showed that having a positive applicant experience can have positive long-term effects. If you’re happy with how you were treated, you would consider working there in the future and tell others about pursuing jobs there, too.

Sanja Licina, Ph.D. and Senior Director of Talent Intelligence at the site, explained, “From the second job seekers are viewing your job ad and applying to your company, they are forming an opinion of who you are as an employer and as a business.

Licina added, “One bad applicant experience can have a ripple effect with candidates not only vocalizing their dissatisfaction with how they were treated, but encouraging others not to apply or even buy products from that company.”