Harvey Weinstein Takes Guardian Reporter to Task

HadleyFreemanPicFrom California late this morning, The Guardian‘s Hadley Freeman (pictured) has deemed it “The Most Stupid Fight of All Time.” That’s an overstatement, especially when it comes to Hollywood and film awards season.

Still, just ahead of today’s big Oscar ceremony, she is defending herself in the comments of an essay posted to her paper by Harvey Weinstein. The Weinstein Company’s Oscar party was last night at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills. But this item concerns a previous Weinstein celebration thrown at The Rosewood London for the BAFTA Awards, and Weinstein’s contention that had Freeman hung around for the later arrivals, his dancing with Oprah and the killer chocolate chip brownies, her review would have been much more positive. From the first of several Freeman comments:

I confess to being somewhat amazed by Mr. Weinstein’s claim that he has “always enjoyed my articles,” considering he banned me from The Weinstein Company’s party during Oscars week in LA two years ago as well as all the parties for every film in which he’d been involved because, as his vice-president for corporate affairs explained to me repeatedly and at some length at the time, he didn’t like a profile of his company that had run in the paper a month or so earlier, written by the Guardian’s film editor Catherine Shoard…

I appreciate that Mr. Weinstein does not like bad reviews – of his films, his parties, of himself – but such is life. Contrary to what he continues to believe, until he decides to buy his own newspaper he cannot control all the press coverage of his endeavors. And now, I think we have both wasted enough of our time and energy discussing a celebrity party.

Alongside Freeman in the article comments are a number of other noteworthy observations. For example, user Pemulis suggests this is “the most meta” thing he has ever read and a good hint of what The Real Housewives of Orange County might feel like if scripted by John Barth.

[Photo courtesy: @HadleyFreeman]