Harvard Announces ‘Future of News’ Video Contest

Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a video contest. The contest calls for journalists, filmmakers and avid media consumers (so, all of us) to submit a video that answers the question: “What is the future of news?”

A committee of judges will pick the top three winners, who will then be invited to the center’s Anniversary Celebration where their videos will be screened by the entire audience.

In a video released by the school, the Shorenstein center’s director Alex Jones says that the uncertainty surrounding the future of news in the digital age is exciting and important. He speaks of the competition as not only answering the question of what you think the future of news is, but also what you think it should be.

The rules of the contest are simple. The video cannot exceed two minutes in length and the clip should answer the themed question. “Beyond that,” says Jones, “the sky is the limit, and you can address it any way you wish.”

To learn how to submit your video, click here.


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