Another Priceless JournalismCrossings Essay From Harrison Barnes

The long, rambling daily blog posts shared via Pasadena-based website (and many other affiliated URLs) by parent company CEO Harrison Barnes are absolutely priceless. The other day, it was all about a Far East Asian girl connected to the Rambo franchise and how she forcefully dealt with being bullied.

Today, Barnes’ meanderings start from the vantage point of a personal LA abode filled with, he claims, a million dollar’s worth of furniture left behind by previous Australian owners and ends with a couple of tweakers on Las Vegas Blvd. We kid you not.

Writes Barnes:

My wife and I have been in Las Vegas all week. Yesterday, she saw two men walking down the street, who looked to be in their 20s and each had only one tooth. She stated that they appeared to be hobbling down the street, their faces looked pockmarked and they appeared to be strung out on drugs… It was like something out of a horror movie… The two people were almost certainly crystal meth addicts.

“I wonder how these two people found each other!” my wife exclaimed.

What does any of this have to do with the headline “Vested Interests: Ask Yourself, ‘Does This Really Serve Me?‘” Who knows and, really, who cares? Barnes’ articles may be the no-no equivalent of a ten-page job candidate resume, but they are also madly entertaining in an upside-down, Paul Harvey kind of way.

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