Hardballing the Hardballer

We have a special opportunity. Today and until we stop dragging this contest out, you may submit questions here for Carol Joynt’s Q & A Cafe with MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews. The Matthews event is next Thursday at the Georgetown Ritz.

Make the questions intelligent and hard-hitting. Keep it clean, please. Name-calling won’t likely win any prizes. But no softballs. Let’s, as Matthews says, play hardball! The best five questions will be asked in the Cafe with your name attached to it should you so choose. Anonymity will be protected at all times unless you tell us otherwise.

Send questions to FishbowlDC@mediabistro or to me at FishbowlBetsy@gmail.com. Or, you may write it to our Twitter account: @FishbowlDC.

> Update: You can be there in person to watch Matthews in the hot seat if you wish. It’ll cost you: $50 gets you the show plus an exquisite lunch at the Ritz. Tax and tip included. Call: 202.912.4110.

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