Happy Wayne Thiebaud New Yorker Cover Week!

TNY thiebaud.jpgWe’re known more for our voracious appetite for books and periodicals than for, say, braised baby octopus with black trumpet-truffle purée and herb de provence-infused red wine-ink sauce; nonetheless, we await with delicious anticipation The New Yorker‘s annual food issue—not simply to savor tales of Calvin Trillin‘s intrepid culinary quests, but for the prospect of a mouth-watering cover painting by artist Wayne Thiebaud. This year’s food issue (dated November 24) doesn’t disappoint. With his distinctive frosting-like brushwork, Theibaud whipped up “Harvest Display,” an autumnal farmers’ market spread that includes a squad of well-executed watermelons and tenderly rendered gourds. Meanwhile, inside the issue, Todd Oppenheimer profiles chef-turned-Master Bladesmith and knife designer Bob Kramer. Why did he decide to leave the kitchen? “I decided I wanted to make something that lasted longer than a meal.”