Happy Birthday, Hotline!

From today’s Hotline:

    It Was 20 Years Ago Today …

    There was a lot happening in mid-Sep. ’87 … Joe Biden’s plagiarism flap surfaced, Pat Robertson joined WH ’88, and E. Dole left DoT to stump for husband Bob. WH GOPers courted IA abortion foes, even as media types debated the early state’s clout.
    — And 20 years ago tomorrow, The Hotline was born.
    — Two decades later, the faces have changed (or not), as have many other things. (How many of you got your first Hotline off a fax machine?). But some things haven’t, like our fascination w/the game and its players, our love of the story and our devotion to wisdom, before it’s conventional.
    — The best part about today, is knowing the next 20 years will be even better. We’ll be covering ’08 w/ new features like a daily Hotline TV and up-to-minute reports from NJ/NBC embeds on “On Call”.
    — So join us in blowing out the candles. And thank you for being part of the Hotline family. For growing up with us, and for keeping us young. We couldn’t do this every day if we didn’t love it. And if we didn’t realize that politics is about people. People like, well, you.