Happy 50th, National Review!

National Review turns 50 today. The conservative magazine has remained at the forefront of conservative thinking and, perhaps even more importantly, they’ve managed to successfully utilize the Internet (through great blogs) to both further their reputation and readership.

Even President Bush had some nice things to say about the magazine before grabbing lunch with National Review founder William F. Buckley:

    It is an honor to be here to thank you for your service. I want to thank you for leaving us a magazine and a group of thinkers that will help make the advance of liberty over the last 50 years look like a dress rehearsal for the next 50 years.

Read the full text of the president’s immensely flattering comments here.

Because journalists are never one to turn down an opportunity to self-congratulate, the folks over at NR are taking their turns today praising themselves and saying “No, YOU’RE wonderful!” “No, no, stop it. YOU’RE wonderful!” in their segment, “When I Think of National Review, I think of…” The glories range from “I think of the outstanding cruises” (Ward Connerly) to “I think of trenchant, hilarious, and satisfying commentary on politics, culture, religion, and world affairs” (William Pryor).

Personally, however, we like this curmudeonly response from John Miller best: “I think of deadlines, because writing for National Review is my job.”

We’re heading to their birthday bash tonight (with Condi, Rummy, Limbaugh, Sununu, Cornyn, Romney and Frist, with a rumored appearance by Delay). Email us questions you’d like asked of your favorite right-wingers and we’ll do our best to shove in front of them without spilling our drink.