Hanvon E920 Now Available in China

Hanvon officially unveiled its newest ebook reader earlier this week. While there is no sign of its appearance in the US or Europe, it did just hit the market in China.

Hanvon first showed off this eBook reader at CES 2011, and it unfortunately was overshadowed by all the many tablets as well as the color E-ink model that Hanvon had on display.

The E920 is based on E-ink’s latest 9.7″ grayscale screen, and it has Wifi, a microSD card slot, and aHanvon’s new dual layer touchscreen  tech. The screen resolution is the same as on the Kindle DX (1600 × 1200), and that give it a 200dpi display.

The touchscreen is the most interesting detail here. It has the capacitive touchscreen that you might expect on a tablet, but it also has a Wacom type of touchscreen.  The second screen tech requires a stylus, and that means that while using the stylus you can rest your hand on the screen and not smudge up the document you are editing.

Hanvon plans to market this to industrial and commercial customers. Retail is 2880 yuan, which is around .$451 USD.

via imp3.net