Ho Ho Huh? Reaction to Robert Wagner-Santa Claus Movie is Decidedly Mixed

Some Facebook users think the idea of a fall 2014 Hallmark Channel original movie starring Robert Wagner as St. Nick is foolish, nay offensive. A larger number, at press time, are applauding the prospect.

The TV movie, one-word titled Northpole, is scheduled to premiere November 15, with Wagner’s wife Jill St. John co-starring as Mrs. Claus. To Hallmark’s credit, they have allowed negative Facebook comments to remain on the page alongside the positive ones. However, all indications are that this could quickly turn into a PR nightmare:

Lynn Moffett I will never watch Hallmark again because they are giving these two a CHRISTMAS movie!! Christmas IS Miracle on 34th Street!!!!!! This news is nauseating!!!!

Marianne Pesci Klee For the poster who asked how long they have been together: they went on their first date TEN WEEKS after Natalie Wood died. And they went on Valentine’s Day… to Natalie’s favorite restaurant. Some “grieving” husband! And for anyone who doubts this, St. John has verified this in an interview. She gushed about it. Wagner has tried to claim it was six months later. They should try to get their stories to match.

Susan Cook Love Hallmark but not him. Not after Natalie.

Judith Murray Hallmark – you have greatly disappointed me here. This man has been in the midst of a huge scandal. Why oh why would your channel want to try to put such a dishonorable man on your channel? Bahhh humbug to you.

Chuck Rust That’s if he’s not in jail for Natalie Wood’s murder.

There is even, in this Facebook stream, a comment from Marti Rulli, co-author with Dennis Davern of Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour. She suggests the project is “poor choice for Hallmark.”

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