Haddad Declares Fischer B-Day Party OTR, Scribes Irked by Sudden Rule

Tammy Haddad, part-time PR guru, part-time Politico contributor and among the hosts of NBC MTP Producer’s Betsy Fischer’s birthday party tonight, has pulled a fast one.

Three hours before the party, she declared the festivities off the record, sending an e-mail alert out to partygoers, which was surprising news for some reporters planning to attend.

“That’s bullsh-t,” one reporter remarked to FBDC.

Others were rushing to the party early to try to obtain photographs but no print material.

Politico declined to comment on the matter. No word from NBC by press time.

> Update: NBC spokeswoman Jenny Tartikoff told FBDC: “It’s a private party amongst friends.”

> Update 2: More fallout from the party: Haddad is easing up on OTR rules and has obviously had a change of heart about personal e-mails she sent to several reporters earlier today declaring the party off limits for publications. She’s playing favorites with – who else? – Politico, for whom she works. Politico is seen shooting video throughout the house. Haddad also allows a Washington Life photographer, Tony Powell, to shoot the party. Powell is seen moving through the party and writing down names for publication. What about Haddad’s strict no-photograph rule? Maybe Washington Life will take pity and sell you some of theirs. A third photographer was also spotted shooting, although it was unclear exactly who gets these pictures. Guesses welcome. Remarked a reporter of Haddad’s handling of the media: “She’s a savvy lady, but this is poor form.”

> Update 3: Haddad’s double-standard wasn’t lost on the media-laden crowd. It’s toast time for Betsy. It is, after all, her birthday. Jokes are made about the party being OTR. Guests laugh.

Spotted in the crowd: Politico’s Jonathan Martin.

> Update 4: The chosen ones. Politico’s party video.

> Update 5: The Hill’s Social Scene was also able to break through OTR rules and wrote up the party. See it here.

We’ll keep you posted…