Chinese Designer Weighs Down Lady Gaga

New York Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn shares a fascinating look at 43-year-old Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei, whose meteoric rise over the past decade and a half has paralleled her native country’s consumerist revolution.

While most fashionistas (and butchers) would die at the thought of Lady Gaga wearing one of their creations, Pei apparently could have cared less. In the middle of Horyn’s article is this titillating L.A. tidbit:

Not long after a November China show, Nicola Formichetti, an editor who helps style Lady Gaga, contacted Pei to borrow some clothes… There is nothing dainty about a 40-pound crystal beaded dress, as Lady Gaga discovered when four or five dresses (and the platform shoes) arrived in Los Angeles, ‘‘all beautifully packaged in silver boxes,’’ Formichetti recalled. She tried them on, he said, ‘‘but basically couldn’t move in them, so they couldn’t work onstage.’’

‘‘They were very nice, polite people,’’ Pei’s husband Jack said of his dealings with Formichetti’s office, but one senses that Pei isn’t dying to dress the world’s most famous performer.

With Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood and affiliated locations set to unveil a likeness of Lady Gaga on December 9th, maybe there’s still time for a lighter, wax bead version of the Pei outfit.

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