Guns n’ Roses Concert Poster Vexes Vegas Official

Is the following poster promoting a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino concert residency by LA’s Guns n’ Roses offensive? Even though the illustration has been toned down from the long-ago first album source artwork?

Some Vegas residents and officials seem to think so. Per a report by Las Vegas Sun executive editor Tom Gorman, Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow says she now regrets approving the temporary renaming of city street Paradise Road to Paradise City Road in honor of the band’s stint at The Joint, which runs October 31 through November 21.

Some will argue that it is hypocritical for a city built on sin to protest the cartoon depiction of such. Others will insist that anything that even unintentionally conveys the impression of violence against women has no place on the Strip or anywhere else.

A spokesperson for a local Las Vegas women’s shelter tells Gorman the city should consider rescinding the street renaming, and that the Hard Rock/Joint folks may also want to apologize for the street ads. Read the full article here.

Update – 11/05/12: The concert posters have been removed from Las Vegas streets.