Guns & Patriots and Daily Caller Prep for Shootout

Guns & Patriots, a weekly newsletter and online site associated with conservative newspaper Human Events, just got some competition. This morning The Daily Caller launched Guns and Gear, a new vertical with “the latest news about armed citizens defending themselves and their property,” says a press release. G&P covers a similar beat.

The twist: Guns and Gear is functioning under the leadership of Mike Piccione, the former founding editor of G&P. He left the publication earlier this year to work at the United States Concealed Carry Association. Neil W. McCabe is now editing G&P.

We asked McCabe if he’s worried about Piccione over at the new Guns and Gear. “I have not seen his new venture, but I wish him the best,” McCabe said. “It is my guess that we will not compete on the same planes and, like a lot of websites, we will complement each other, as he does his thing and we do ours.”

Piccione wasn’t immediately available for comment, but we’ll update if he gets back to us.

On a side note, McCabe called me a “bastard” when I told him I couldn’t include a promotional link in this post to a new software G&P is offering. I’m 50 percent sure he was kidding.

UPDATE: In an email, Piccione told us Guns and Gear won’t compete with G&P because Guns and Gear “is a much larger publication.” He said G&P was “more of a cottage product” when he was its editor.