Guiding Sophia’s Light

As anyone who follows Sophia Nelson’s work knows, she’s a real force to contend with, on TV, Twitter and beyond. A columnist for and Essence, Nelson spends the bulk of her weekends in a dramatically spiritual state of mind. Part-preacher, part journalist, she counsels people on how to live their best lives. Topics have included how “sisters” treat one another in the workplace (example: “I am so over nasty, mean, broken sisters. Get some help. Take an anger management class. Pray. Do Yoga. Something but stop being #Assassins”), the delicious aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon, hazelnut coffee or how to stay “prayed up” and in a positive mindset. She’s kind of like Oprah if Oprah was suddenly a Washington journo with a lot of time on her hands and no Nate Berkus or Dr. Oz to distract her with decorating or pooping tips.

The tricky thing is sometimes Sophia’s followers turn around and tell her off.

Case in point: This weekend, she went on MSNBC’s “Up With Chris Hayes” and declared that she hadn’t decided for whom she will vote in the upcoming election. She got clobbered online with insult after insult. The ordeal got her 200 new Twitter followers. But poor Sophia, who usually takes the so-called high road, couldn’t contain herself and lashed back.

A sampling of our favorites:

1. “Clearly I need to postpone this week’s #SaturdayLove chat and engage some uncivil, rabid, asses on my twitter feed. so here goes.” 2. “I’ll say this just once: you will not upset me today with foul language & menacing tweets. I will block you & report you. Have a nice day!” 3. When SpaceCheef wrote, Yo  Sophia Nelson – you fucking idiot. GOP for Nat defense? Shut The Fuck Up uninformed moron,” she replied, “Will pray for you in church this a.m.” 4. “My point, I am open to people who can persuade me with their ideas, energy, passion, and respect. Not those who seek to humiliate & curse me.” 5. “Some of you need to wake the hell up. Yes I am pissed. If this is the best you have to worry about in your life–you need 2 get a life.” 6. “I am done with this topic and getting off of Twitter. Black people pull your head out of your butts. Respect others people individuality.”

We love her feisty, God-infused rants. But Sophia isn’t perfect. Sometimes…

when she makes her points, she remakes them over and over again in slightly different ways that feel repetitive and well, unnecessary.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Guiding Sophia’s Light.