Guggenheim Museum to Welcome Overnight Guests (Holler!)

Somehow the people in charge of buying us birthday gifts missed the boat on this one: artist Carsten Höller—whose upside-down mushroom room still has us swooning—is getting into the hotel business, kind of. As part of the Guggenheim’s upcoming group exhibition “theanyspacewhatever” (its title is a shout-out to Gilles Deleuze), Holler’s “Revolving Hotel Room” (pictured above) will welcome overnight guests to the museum beginning on Saturday.

Funded in part by Waldorf-Astoria, the installation consists of sleeping, dressing, and working areas mounted on top of four glass discs that all turn harmoniously at a very slow speed. During the day, the hotel room is open for viewing, but at night, it’s strictly for paying guests—in groups no larger than two. At rates ranging from $299 to $550 a night, the room is already fully booked through January 6 (we can’t help wonder about the identity of the lucky Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve occupants). But don’t feel too bad about the sell-out: checkout time is an unusually early 8:30 a.m., and aside from a breakfast of croissants and coffee served in bed, there is no food allowed.