Guess the Editor Revealed: Clear & Present Danger Edition

We asked last week: What managing editor of a Washington publication made an appearance in the 1994 thriller “Clear and Present Danger?”  The mystery man can be seen in the clip above, wearing a tan coat and carrying two briefcases (to the right of Harrison Ford)…

And now for the reveal…

Clue 1) He has a famous last name, shared with the actor who played Craig Schwartz in “Being John Malkovich.”

Answer: Cusack.  John Cusack played Craig Schwartz…

Clue 2) He has a painting of himself (in this movie) hanging in his office.

Answer: Said office is on K St. NW at The Hill.

Clue 3) His first name is the same, spelled backwards or forwards.

Answer: B. O. B.  Backwards or forwards, it’s still Bob.

Clue 4) Though his hair was dark in ’94, he’s become quite a silver fox since then.

Answer: None other than The Hill’s managing editor and “Just for Men” defier, Bob Cusack.

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