New York Rails Against Guardian Subway Critique

First stop! The Guardian:


Second stop! Gothamist and MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg:

“When she complains that the subway uses too many fonts, it seems clear that she hates our subway less than she just loves to complain. There are literally books written about the MTA’s single font and unified graphic design; if she doesn’t notice there’s only one font (or when she claims the subway uses ‘tickets’), it’s hard to take her seriously.”

Third stop! New York magazine:

The subway’s millions of other daily commuters don’t find the system that challenging, and know that there are at least two maps per train car. (Although, to be fair to Adewunmi, it sounds like she decided to stay along the worst subway line ever. More research next time, maybe.)

Fourth stop! The Village Voice:

Coming to New York and complaining about urine smell is a bit like going to England and getting upset that everyone is serving tea.

Final stop! The Guardian article comments:

Christian Anaya: New York is not for the weak minded. If the subway system is enough to send you into hysteria then perhaps New York is not for you and you should stay away. I take the subway every day and happen to have moments of pure joy, anger, fascination & disgust. It’s true, the subway system can instill a wide range of emotions. However, I’ve never slipped into a moment of hysteria because it takes much more than a subway system to cause such a ridiculous and dramatic reaction from me. But then again, maybe I’m just a tough New Yorker…

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.