Group Wants ‘Pornographic’ SI Swimsuit Issue Banned

"Exposed pubic area" is not a phrase you hear often

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (previously known as Morality In Media) is asking retailers to not display the new Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. In a letter to Walmart, CVS, 7-Eleven and Costco, the group who doesn’t enjoy fun said that the cover was a “pornographic pose” and it “normalizes genital display.”

Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Swimsuit issue’s cover does not simply feature a beautiful woman in a bikini, it borders obscenity as the focus is specifically on the exposed pubic area,” Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the NCSE, told The New York Post.

The NCSE is a faith-based organization that has been overreacting to anything involving sexuality since 1962. They have called for boycotts of Fifty Shades of Grey. They have deemed Hilton hotels, Cosmo and Playstation as purveyors of porn. In other words, don’t worry about the NCSE.