Griff Witte to Afghanistan-Pakistan

From the Post’s internal email:

    We’re pleased to announce that Griff Witte will return to Afghanistan and Pakistan for us this year.

    Griff knows the territory well. He first laid eyes on Afghanistan as a researcher for Steve Coll’s book, Ghost Wars, after 9/11, which included an extended stay in Kabul. In late 2005 and 2006, he went back to Afghanistan for Foreign, a stint which produced some eye-opening features, including the story of a magazine publisher who went to jail for raising questions about women’s’ rights, and a look at two members reporting to the new parliament more than three decades after the last freely-elected legislature closed.

    Griff’s beat will include Pakistan, and other regional themes. He’s replacing Pam Constable, who has dominated the story for Foreign for many years, and is coming home to Metro after one more trip for us to Kabul this month.

    Griff grew up in Nyack, N.Y., graduated from Princeton, started in journalism at the Miami Herald, and worked on Ghost Wars after that. He was an intern in Alexandria in the summer of 2003, then came to Financial in the autumn. His current beat there is government contracting, and he will finish up some pieces before heading off to Afghanistan and Pakistan in March.