Are You Snooty Enough for Grey Poupon?

Today we applaud the brilliant minds behind the coolest Facebook campaign in memory: Grey Poupon’s “The Society of Good Taste.”

The iconic Kraft condiment has long made snob appeal a big part of its brand–remember classic commercials like this one that ended with the tagline “But of course”? The selling point was similar to Fig Newton’s “a cookie is just a cookie, but a Newton is fruit and cake” campaign, but better (we always thought the fact that Newtons’ own packaging describes them as “fruit chewy cookies” made the spots less effective.)

When the brand wanted a truly unique campaign to spread their snooty reputation online, they turned to Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the agency responsible for such iconic ads as the recent series starring a creepy Burger King mascot (an effort later dropped by the company).

Here’s how it works:

Fans visit the Grey Poupon Facebook page, like the brand, and subject themselves to the judgements of an algorithm (and an amusing cast of upper crust characters) that reviews their educational background, photo appearances, travel history and cultural tastes in order to determine whether they are truly snooty enough to join the esteemed ranks of the Society.

We’re not quote sure how the algorithm works, but as proud snobs we were a little insulted when it deemed us unworthy of membership in this exclusive virtual club!

The fact that we were accepted on our second attempt may say something about the accuracy of the program–or it may just reflect the brand’s desire to reward determined snobs who are unafraid to return for a second or third round of digital abuse.

At any rate, the page has achieved its primary goal of keeping the Grey Poupon name in mind–and making sure that everyone knows it as “the fancy mustard.” What do you think?