Ex-LA Times Editor Juggles Three E-books

Remember the days when an author had to get rejected by dozens of literary agents and publishing houses before finally gaining a toehold to eventual publication? Well, they are long gone.

Take the latest example of Greta Beigel. After many years at the LA Times as an arts reporter, editor and freelancer, the Portland, Oregon based writer this year released not one, not two, but three e-books: Kvetch: One Bitch of a Life, A Jew from Riga and Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat. She tells Portland Tribune reporter Stephen Alexander that it’s a brave new literary world:

“There used to be a stigma (about e-books). But the stigma is out the window. Legitimate authors, mainstream authors, fabulous people, everybody is in on it now. It’s the way to go…

I’ve now got to do a Facebook author page, start to blog, start to tweet, start to figure out how to get a strong online presence where everyone is linked to everyone else,” Beigel says.

Most amazingly, all this is being orchestrated by Beigel at the age of 65. Brave new world, indeed.