Greenpeace Won’t Let LEGO Forget That Shell Thing

One thing we can all agree on regarding Greenpeace: they’re consistent. Once they latch onto an issue, they go all in.

In order to protest the LEGO company’s ongoing partnership with Shell (which the latter’s PR values at $116M over two years), the group created not just an online petition but a professional-quality PSA that looks like an outtake from the super-depressing director’s cut of The LEGO Movie–and then they protested its subsequent removal from YouTube.

Today the org went even further, recruiting “activists” in life-size costumes to protest outside the LEGO store near Rockefeller Plaza. Then they sent us pictures!

(Note: this all happened after the group’s “Protest-O-Matic” empowered said protesters to create their own tailored signs.)

Block Shell Protest LEGO New York

They look angry, but The Naked Cowboy did try to lighten the mood a bit…

Block Shell Protest LEGO New York

So what did they look like before they put the costumes on?

Block Shell Protest LEGO New York

Of course we can’t be sure what effect such stunts might have on LEGO’s corporate strategy, but today’s showing did probably make at least a few people aware of the partnership with Shell (which is really a bit odd when you think about it).

Two questions: what’s the pay rate for Tuesday afternoon protesting, and how did they make those costumes? We would have killed for one of those at age eight or so.