Greater Than the Great Pyramid


Does it seem like civilization is about to end or something. Seems to us, when you start building crazy big stuff for no real reason (we’re looking at you, Dubai), that usual signals the end of things. So while occassionally glancing over our shoulders on the look out for marauding invaders, we report, by way of Archinect, on The Great Pyramid, a project looking to build a pyramid ten times the size of the ones they’ve got over there in Egypt, to be built in rural Germany, all in the interest of being “a tomb for all people” (instead of those greedy, hieroglyphic-loving kings and queens). The whole thing seems a little tongue in cheek, but hey, nothing surprises us anymore after reading another story from today: “World’s Largest Elk to be Built in Sweden.” We are weird creatures, we humans. When the apes run the planet, they’re not going to stand for this sort of thing, we promise you that.