‘Great Gatsby’ Movie Promotions and Parties Capture Glamorous 1920s New York Lifestyle

The New York metro area is giddy about The Great Gatsby, and for good reason. The highly anticipated movie, to be released on May 10, stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary novel of the same name was set on the north shore, or Gold Coast, of Long Island.

Locals are already enjoying movie tie-ins galore, including Tiffany’s ‘Gatsby’-inspired jewelry collection, Prada’s exhibit of movie costumes and Brooks Brother’s new menswear line. The Plaza Hotel’s ‘is unveiling a Gatsby’ suite. Long Island’s historic north shore mansions inspired the cinematic backdrop, so they’re getting in on the action with springtime ‘Gatsby’ galas.

Here’s what we’ve gleaned about the glitzy goods and the upcoming festivities:

Tiffany’s Collection: The luxury jewelry brand, where Fitzgerald was a client, is showcasing a series of 1920s era windows at its Fifth Avenue flagship store. On the main floor, dazzling art deco items are on display. The fourth floor is showing clips from the movie and interviews with designer Catherine Martin, wife of ‘Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann. Nearby are cases of crystal bowls, diamond tiaras and chandelier earrings.

Brooks Brothers’ Clothing Line: Fitzgerald was also a fan of the clothing brand, which has long served affluent customers. The retailer designed the movie’s menswear and recently launched a ‘Great Gatsby’ line. The limited edition clothing interprets the film’s period looks with items such as waistcoats and formal wear. Brooks Brothers is also highlighting its ‘Gatsby’ connection with different window displays at each of its New York City stores.

Prada’s SoHo Store Exhibit: Famed Italian designer Miuccia Prada created the “period accurate but modern” women’s costumes for The Great Gatsby. Starting today, those stylish fashions are being shown at Prada’s store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. Items include dresses and accessories, in addition to sketches and behind-the-scenes photos.

Plaza Hotel’s Suite: Fitzgerald often visited the hotel with his wife Zelda, so the iconic Fairmont-owned property is planning a ‘Great Gatsby’ suite in his honor. Styled in art deco, the space will display a photo gallery of the Fitzgeralds and the cast of the upcoming movie, as well as gramophone-shaped iPhone-compatible speakers.

Chateau at Coindre Hall’s Celebration: This estate in Huntington Harbor, Long Island is planning a ‘Gatsby’ style party hosted by the North Shore Promotion Alliance (NSPA) on Thursday, May 16. The waterfront mansion is in the National Register of Historic Places. The evening will feature Jazz Age music, bootleg wine and guests wearing ‘Gatsby’ finery. As a nod to the digital age, visitors using a special phone booth will be able to share event photos on Facebook.

Oheka Castle Estate’s Gala: This century-old mansion located in Huntington, Long Island, is also throwing a ‘Gatsby’ bash on Wednesday, June 12, with proceeds going to area scholarship funds. The ‘Great Gatsby-style affair’ will be held in the formal gardens or terrace room and highlights will include jazz along with awards for the best Gatsby and Daisy costumes.

With the growing ‘Gatsby’ frenzy, it appears that popular New York area native Jay-Z may have to share center stage with his namesake, Jay G (or per Tiffany’s initials cufflinks, simply ‘JG’.)