Granholm Adds Sparkle to MTP

If you think Fox News is the only place where you can watch an attractive blond say, “I love the smell of democracy,”  then you’re in for a surprise.

Because former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) has officially joined the NBC MTP roundtable, and those were her words Sunday in reaction to host David Gregory’s question about the Wisconsin public employees’ protests.

Granholm, who, as we reported previously, recently landed at least six appearances at the table,  is fresh off eight years spent running one of the nation’s largest swing states. As such, she’s considered a big get and a shot in the arm for MTP’s occasionally dowdy roundtable.

At least Gregory thinks she is, judging by how thrilled he was to say, “I’m pleased to say [she] will be joining us on a regular basis as a contributor to our roundtable…So, Governor, welcome particularly.”

The newly-minted pundit seemed to fit right in at the granddaddy of talking-head tables, where she was joined by panelists Ed Gillespie, former Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) and CNBC on-air editor Rick Santelli.

Any lingering confusion about whether Granholm was a misplaced Fox Newsbabe ended when she quoted Shakespeare, telling Gregory that a government shutdown would hurt both parties equally, resulting in “a pox on both your houses.”