Grandview School District Says Goodbye to Paper Textbooks

The Board of Education for this Jefferson County, MO, school district voted on Thursday to a tablet and digital textbooks for all 400 high school students and teachers at Grandview High School.

The school had just completed a pilot program which involved 20 students and teachers working with cheap 7″ Android tablets made by Haipad, a Chinese tech company. It was such a resounding success that the the BofE saw no reason to delay expanding the program to cover all students.

The Board is requesting bids ofr companies to supply the 400 tablets. It has allocated $100,000 toward the effort, and it has estimated that the hardware cost should be around $65 thousand. The rest of the money will be used for support, and to upgrade the high school’s wireless network, Superintendent Michael Brown said. The program should be up and running by the time school resumes in August.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear that it has budgeted adequately for digital textbooks. The district spends about $330 a year per student on textbooks. If the total cost for 400 electronic tablets is $65,000, the district would have around $165 left to spend on each student’s textbooks.

via STL Today