Graham cracker: ABC‘s reasons why not are classic

Here’s what I love about Hollywood. The Associated Press asks a perfectly rational question, viz, “Why – after relentlessly promoting ‘Emily’s Reasons Why Not’ did ABC cancel the show after a single episode?” stevemcpherson.jpg

The response from ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson, is simultaneously such a brilliant illumination of the blame game and an elegant sidestepping of it, we stand awestruck.

“Once we saw it was not launching, we felt like unfortunately it was not going to get better and we had to make a change,” said McPherson.

Masterful, that. “Not launching.” Shows that “don’t launch” aren’t creative disasters to be taken responsibilty for – they simply “don’t launch.”

Implicit in this are two Hollywood teaching points: 1) Never take responsibility for flops. i.e., Don’t look at us. We tried to launch it, but it didn’t launch! and,

2) While clearly McPherson and his team misjudged by greenlighting “Emily’s Reasons Why Not,” McPherson’s answer sends the clear message, “The show failed us – we didn’t fail the show.” without ever actually saying that the show sucked.

That task was left to the AP, which can only insinuate that it was “creatively, a dog.”

This fancy footwork allows McPherson to take another pitch from Carrie Gerlach or Heather Graham without embarrasment, because he never said an unkind word about their show. This despite what imdb lists as the title of the second episode of “Emily Reasons” – “Why Not to Date Your Gynocologist (sic).”