Gorillaz Free Album (download) Recorded & Mixed Using an iPad & 20 Music Apps

Video [Phoner to Arizona] courtesy of Gorrilaz

Gorillaz released an online album named “The Fall” that was recorded and mixed using an iPad. The album consists of songs recorded during their recent live tour.

Gorillaz Release Christmas iPad Album, ‘The Fall’ (Billboard)

The album can be downloaded from Gorillaz’s website. They require some personal information (name, email, gender, location, date of birth) before you can download the songs.


If you are just curious, check out their YouTube channel which contains videos like the one embedded above.

Gorillaz lists 20 iPad apps used to create their album.

1. Speak It!
2. SoundyThingie.
3. Mugician
4. Solo Synth
5. Synth
6. Funk Box
7. Gliss
8. AmpliTube
9. Xenon
10. iElectribe
11. BS-16i
12. M3000 HD
13. Cleartune
14. iOrgel HD
15. Olsynth
16. StudioMiniXI
17. BassLine
18. Harmonizer
19. Dub Siren Pro
20. Moog Filatron