Epic Recipe Battles: Gwyneth vs. Martha

We didn’t want to head into the weekend without touching on People magazine associate editor Michele Corriston’s fun item posted Thursday night.


She notes that in the realm of Thanksgiving double (recipe) entendres, the gang at Goop appears to have slyly fired back at Team Martha Stewart Living for that recent conscious uncoupling dig. In the form of instructions for “Jailbird Cake:”

“The folks at Goop know how to have some fun, too,” a source close to Paltrow tells People. “If Martha served up the appetizer, the Jailbird Cake is just desserts.”

Well punned! The Daily Mail and Entertainment Tonight have picked up on Corriston’s item, as surely many more outlets will. The people.com comments are fun too:

SweetCharity: Gwyneth is taking vengeful advice from her CEO, Lisa Gersh, who also happens to be the FORMER CEO of Martha Stewart Living. If you read the article in the New York Times last Sunday, Gwyneth is letting Gersh lead her around by the nose. When asked what they wanted for Goop, the woman answered, “World domination!” The reporter noted that Gwyneth giggled nervously, perhaps afraid of the headline such a statement could generate. We’ll see what comes of this.

[Image via: goop.com]