Every day, to and from work, we hear at least one story on NPR about the World Cup, how we Americans don’t really care all that much, and why we should care because everyone else on the planet does and we look pretty stupid. So we figure maybe we’ll give it a go, try it out for a bit. So here’s kind of a roundabout way of getting into the design of the games and the teams, via Yahoo, who has put up a large batch of wallpapers showing photos from all the different years of the Cup, ones with schedules and flags on them, and a handful of big versions of the Germany 2006 logo. We won’t suggest that you actually use any of the wallpapers, or even look to them for examples of good design, as they really aren’t very attractive, but if you read between the lines and check out the uniforms through the years, the flag icons, and even some of the ad and banner stuff going on in the backgrounds of the photos, it provides a nice idea of the sport for we uninitiated. And lord knows we need it.

Oh, and as an aside, did you hear about the big fiasco with the mascot this year? Here’s the whole scoop from AdFreak. Poor poor bankrupt mascot.