Google’s Facelift

First Google+, now Gmail?

Google is giving itself a makeover. Some changes come in the form of small tweaks, like the new addition of the black bar at the top of the browser page. Other projects have been full-fledged augmentations like the introduction of Google+. Now, the designers at Google seem to have set their sights on Gmail.

Gmail is offering an optional facelift, which can be applied by going into the Themes section and opting for “Preview” or “Preview (dense).” The change takes the traditional Gmail interface and transforms it into a sleek, minimalist version of its former self. A version of the aesthetic overhaul will likely become permanent in the near future. Google’s Gmail blog said the design is intended to “strip out unnecessary clutter and make Gmail as beautiful as it is powerful."

Google also plans to make the Gmail experience more enjoyable across the spectrum of devices users use to log in. The Google Team said it introduced two new versions of the Gmail interface in order to show how the email service will eventually be able to "accommodate different screen sizes and user preferences."