Google World Domination Starts with… Rebranding? Bye Bye Blogger & Picasa

It looks like Google’s plan for world domination is comin together this summer. Google+ launched last week with an app for Android. The Google+ app for iPhone was submitted yesterday (the 4th of July). Today we learned that Google is dropping the Blogger and Picasa branding. Those names came with the services when Google bought the companies that created them. Google is aligning the services with Google Plus and giving them the more generic names of Google Blogs (Blogger) and Google Photos (Picasa).

EXCLUSIVE: Google To Retire Blogger & Picasa Brands in Google+ Push

So, here’s the current Google+ status:

– Google+ service is in a closed private beta status. No one new can get in even with an invitation.
– Google+ Android app available but not useful unless you have an active Google+ account. The app is over 7MB large and cannot be relocated to a flash memory card. It caused a low memory warning on my Nexus One
– Google+ iPhone app submitted to Apple on July 4. Assuming a two-week acceptance period, it may be available by July 18 (or later)
– Google+ public availability expected on or around July 31
– Blogger and Picasa rebranding is expected to take a month to a month and a half. This puts the rebranding sometime mid-to-late August