Google Provides Search, Maps & YouTube for Palm Pre

Score 1 (or maybe 3, depending on how you count) for Palm Pre and its webOS/MoJo SDK web-developer friendly platform. It launched on Saturday and the Google Mobile team had a bunch of apps ready for it…

Palm Pre launching with Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube

All of these apps ship with the Palm Pre. There’s nothing to download and install.

Google’s Mobile apps development team said:

…the implementation of Google Maps on Palm Pre is actually very different from how we built Maps on platforms like Android or BlackBerry. Palm is calling its operating system webOS for good reason — all applications running on webOS leverage a WebKit-based rendering engine for content, which made it easy to port Google Maps to the platform.

The team goes on to note that push Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts all integrate with the Pre.

And, in case you are wondering, I resisted to urge to go buy a Palm Pre myself 🙂