Google Music Magnifier: Free Songs for Your Android (& iPad Too!)

Frank McPherson reported on a free music offer for Android users from a regional mobile operator.

MetroPCS Throws In Free Music For Android Users

But, what if you are not a MetroPCS customer? In that case, Google itself has a deal for you in the form of a new blog.

Google Music Beta – Magnifer

The Blogger powered blog is providing free songs daily. The only catch is that you need a free Google Music account to take advantage of these daily offers. Tap the blue “Add free music” button near a free song to have it added to your Google Music account. After that the song will be available for streaming or download using the free Google Music for Android app.

As an added bonus, the Google Music website works with the iPad’s web browser to allow music streaming without an app. Just point the iPad’s browser to:

You will, of course, need to login to your Google Gmail account to access your Google Music content.

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