Google Mobile Search Localized Suggestion List – Considers Boston Special for Some Reason

Google announced a new tweak to Google mobile searches last week…

Optimized Search Suggestions using your location

The basic tweak is to bump local search results items into the suggestion list. Google’s examples use the string “Muse” as search terms for a mobile device (Android or iPhone) in Boston and another device in San Francisco. The results show what appears to be museums in those two respective cities.

However, when I searched for “museum” (full word) in my home town (Honolulu), the “museum of fine arts boston” still shows up on the suggestion list. This is probably because there aren’t any museums with a name that starts with “museum of” nearby to populate the list. I do wonder why, however, that the Boston result appears before other suggestion strings. You would that some string preceding “bo” (for Boston) would appear in the list if you are not in the Boston area.