Google Mobile Search Ads Visible in WAP Browsers (what?) in 15 More Countries

If you see the acronym WAP, many would guess that it stands for Wireless Access Point. And, in fact, it might be used for that purpose. But, years ago, many would have guess WAP stood for Wireless Access Protocol, the web-like protocol for phones (there were no smartphones back then) that allowed phone users to see and, to a limited amount, work with special mobile websites. Many of today’s feature phones still require WAP compliant sites. Of course, Google needs to find a way to provide mobile ads to this large group of mobile users to and have been doing so for a number of years. This week, Google announced that their WAP search advertisements will be visible in 15 additional countries.

Support for WAP mobile search ad formats extended to more countries

Yep, it is impossible to escape Google’s ad reach.